CDWinder Transporter (iView)

To accomodate the many users of the vanished iView Media Pro media catalog in desperate need of an alternative catalogong solution, the CDFinder team has come up with an answer. The search is over - we present you the CDWInder Transporter (iView).

Picture 20
The Transporter is a wizard to help you convert your existing iView and Expression Media catalogs to CDWinder/CDFinder catalog files. It transfers all available file information, metadata, and even existing preview thumbnails. The wizard gudes through the necessary steps, and lets you watch as your media is transfered to its new home.

The data gathered includes file system information, MP3 tags (as far as iView supports them), EXIF data including GPS Info tags, and complete set of IPTC information. All available information is used to reconstruct a volume based representation, as you are used from CDWinder. Large iView catalogs from different sources will be split into several catalogs, one for each volume.

Picture 22
CDWinder Transporter (iView) is a standalone product, utilizing CDWinder technology to process iView’s exported XML files. You may find more information about the process and int intricacies in the accompanying documentation - try out the Transporter today, and see what it can do with your media.

The CDWinder Transporter (iView) was a separate product, and is today integrated directly into abeMeda.