CDWinder runs on the upcoming Windows 7

While the date is growing closer, the anxiety is increasingly palpable - many of us are excited to see the new Windows 7 replace the unlucky Vista. And CDWinder comes prepared - from the first betas, we have been testing CDWinder on Windows 7 to make sure that it keeps working as expected. And while CDWinder is not yet natively 64bit, it works on the x64 versions of Windows as well (and that’s also true for XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003 and 2008).

Even the complex video thumbnails, that depend on the installed DirectShow codecs and seemed to be left hanging in the air for some time during the beta work nicely now. We here at CDWinder are looking forward to the next release of Windows, and may even have yet another new version of CDWinder ready to join the celebration.