OTD abeMeda/CDWinder was born...

abeMeda.silver.nebula2 64
OTD: in the fall of 1998, Norbert and I met on a misty autumn morning, to spend the day laying the groundwork, ideas and concepts for our joint project to bring his CDFinder from the Mac to Windows. It was a part time effort we both pursued alongside our regular day jobs back then, and it would take another two years for it to bear fruit in form of the first version of CDWinder on Dec 18th 2000. It would grow from there to what abeMeda and NeoFinder are today.
It's now been 25 years since this fall day, and here we are still going strong. It was a fulfilling journey, though it also feels like yesterday when we started. Here’s to many more years to come.

ps. has anyone out there ever found the easter egg we hid in the app all those years ago? just curious... ; )