Celebrating 20 years!

This day marks 20 years, since CDWinder 1.0 peered into a dark December night just like this one for the first time. Not much more than a prototype back then, bred in nights and weekends, it matured to the abeMeda digital asset management system it is today.

I had very much hoped to release another version to mark this occasion, and have v7.4 still come out in 2020. But alas, there is still a little more work to do on it. And who knows, given the course this year has taken overall, it may even be a better omen to have the new version bear the year 2021 - may it be a better and happier one for all of us.

So, a very happy birthday to abeMeda, and best of luck for its upcoming endeavors - and happy holidays and seasons greetings to all of you!