abeMeda 6.0 beta2

I’m sorry to say, I’ve broken two predictions – we did add still even more more features after beta1, and we did not release the final version this summer. But we had several requests for that AutoUpdate, and really wanted to include it.
And, as you can see, we've now also found a new name for the project, seeing as "CDs" have somehow aged in the last 10 years, and don't convey the full potential of CDWinder anymore: CDWinder is now abeMeda ! (the ABE MEtaData Analyzer)
abeMeda 6.0beta2

So, what is New with abeMeda ?
- well, the new name, of course!
- adding an AutoUpdate, enabling business license holders to select catalogs for daily automatic update.
- adding Copy functions for Name, Path, comment, MP3 tags, thumbnails and GPS tags to the context menus
- also adding copy functionality to the inspector controls - anything displayed there can be copied for use elsewhere!
- redesigning find window attribute list, and adding specific search in document file contents
- improving QuickUpdate recognition and performance
- adding hidden setting to identify files without or with unknown extension based on their content when cataloging
- adding "Prepare packed logfile" to Logging dialog - to ease maintenance where mailing would not work.
Catalog AutoUpdate
- fixing or tweaking numerous other smaller problems...
- improving file recognition by optimizing timing and synchronization with our metadata helper.
- added ellipsis' to our inspector controls if they are too small to display all text - indicating that there would be more if it had more space.
- fixed the layout and functionality of the found items context menu
- fixed that "show item in catalog" would lock up in certain conditions.
- fixed that you could deselect ALL columns in our new appearance dialogs. Now the Name colum is always retained!
- fixed several problems with the layout of controls and windows, and with the selection of items.
- fixed and enhanced the sizeGrip on the progress dialogs - double-clicking that will now maxmimze the dialog!
- improving quality and output of our logging at different levels

I have the 6.0 beta 2 ready for download today, and we continue testing. If you think you can contribute to testing, please drop me a line here.

I now plan abeMeda 6 to surface in November. In the meantime I will keep you posted with the progress. If you have any thoughts or feedback along the line, please let me know.