abeMeda 7 beta1 is finished!

The next major version of abeMeda is nearing completion! We have worked long and hard, and tested and rigged the new version with all its new and enhanced features - and we now consider this beta1 to be stable enough for release. Since the last major release, we have added a load of new features and abilities to abeMeda, and even made some minor changes to its appearance, and I hope you will all enjoy what we have come up with. abeMeda can now also edit XMP/IPTC values, supports cataloging and editing ratings as well as keywords, comes with its own controlled keyword list, an extended catalog format (for huge catalogs >4GB) and enhanced AutoUpdate capabilities.
Unfortunately the new version is not quite finished yet, but as an early christmas present we wanted to treat you with a glimpse of what is to come. Although this is no open beta, you can drop me aline if you are interested in checking out the new version, and testing it in your environment and workflow. We’ll be continuing our hard work, and hope to have the finished version ready by the end of January.

Merry Holidays, and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!