CDWinder 6.0 Alpha 2

After releasing the first alpha version six weeks ago, I have been working hard on the issues raised by the early adopters, and have integrated a couple of new features as well.

Here’s what is new this time around
- the Inspector can now edit common values for multiple items directly. CDWinder now offers comment and label for items, and also Location and the catalogs' Extra Fields for editing when mutliple items are selected.
- and the Inspector can also be detached from the main window again, if you prefer or need the space
- the QuickFind in the main toolbar now stores your recently used and favourite search words and has a QuickFind button, too
- added a special dialog to select the catalogs to search for a query, instead of relying only on what was selected in the rest of the application.
- added support for thumbnails in Adobe InDesign CS5 and 5.5 documents
- also added a couple of visual enhancements to our icons, graphics and controls.
- fixed a cryptic problem with our external meDaGen, occuring under certain circumstances in Windows 2000 only
- fixed a problem with loosing your smartFolders whenever you refreshed the database folder
- and fixed some problems in the audioCD recognition, along with a couple of other bugs

I have the 6.0 alpha 2 ready for download today, and we continue alpha testing. If you haven't received your invitation for this alpha (and later beta) testing yet (but believe you should get one), please drop me a line here.

I now expect CDWinder 6 to surface in August, and want to have yet another alpha or beta out til then as well. In the meantime I will keep you posted with the progress. If you have any thoughts or feedback along the line, please let me know.