CDWinder 6.0 Alpha 3

After releasing the second alpha version four weeks ago, I have continued working hard on the issues raised by the early adopters, and have integrated a couple of new features as well.

CDWinder 6.0alpha3
Here’s what is new this time around
- CDWinder has a complete new column handling for the main display
- added loads of new columns (MP3 tags, EXIF, IPTC, …) to the detailed view
- redesigned the column selection in our preferences to handle all these new columns
- the column headers are now adapted to the new design and handling in Vista and Windows7 (especially regarding the sort direction indicators)
- you can now also choose “None” as sort column, dropping all sorting and reverting to the order of items in the catalog. (via sort menu option, or by pressing SHIFT when clicking the sorted column header)
- CDWinder can now save partial catalogs when you cancel cataloguing midway
- improved the handling of “Save As New SmartFolder”, allowing correct creation, saving and deletion of smart folders.
- extended CDWinder’s audio capabilities
- corrected metadata reading for several filetypes

- added an Audio Info section to the inspector for all files that do not have mp3tags.
- added several additional search options to look for audio files’s bitrate, samplingrate, etc.
- added the ability to search through Lyrics specifically
- added Xpdf support to the Preferences, so you can directly choose to use it if installed.
- reworked and improved cataloguing and QuickUpdate accuracy and speed for several media types
- added “force full update” to the catalog settings, allowing you to ignore QuickUpdate if really need be
- added unit support to our find editor – now you see what unit is expected when entering criteria, and you can (finally) choose to enter sizes in MB or GB when searching for them.
- reworked the exports’ output and layout for better export quality and more data.
- and numerous other little fixes and enhancements.

I have the 6.0 alpha 3 ready for download today, and we continue alpha testing. If you haven't received your invitation for this alpha (and later beta) testing yet (but believe you should get one), please drop me a line here.

I now expect CDWinder 6 to surface in September (I know, don’t ask. But we strive to release still in summer!), and want to have a beta out til then as well. In the meantime I will keep you posted with the progress. If you have any thoughts or feedback along the line, please let me know.