CDWinder 6.0 beta 1

After three alpha versions, this beta finally contains all the features we want to include in the final version 6.0.

Picture 34
So, what is New in this CDWinder beta ?
- we re-enabled undocking the find window
- as in previous instalments, the find window can now also be separated from the main window again.
- if needed, that gives additional overview of found item results and their respective catalogs
- plus, many users may prefer the familiar surroundings they are used to - now they can have both.
- we redesigned mapInspector functionality, and added new context menu commands
- the mapInspector behaves a lot more conservative and correct now.
- it will no longer change zoom factors on its own, and actually show if the selected file has no GPS tag at all.
- plus, we added a bunch of commands to its new context menu,
- so you can better control what it does and how it looks,
- like the new "Find All In This Map" for one-click geo-area search
- added new SatelliteWindows to view a catalog, catalog folder or album in an external window side by side to other contents
- added a new Window menu to keep track of all the additional open windows
- fixed several bugs:
Picture 35

- fixed a crash that would prevent cataloging in very rare circumstances.
- fixed issues that would prevent sizing the application window in Windows XP
- fixed 'Find In Selection' to use the new catalog selection
- applied several fixes to the new columns handling and its new dialog
- fixed a problem that would prevent PDFs from being "QuickUpdate"ed
- fixed geoTagging progress dialog descriptions
- and dealt with even more smaller issues.

I have the 6.0 beta 1 ready for download today, and we continue testing. If you think you can contribute to testing, please drop me a line here.

I still expect CDWinder 6 to surface in September. In the meantime I will keep you posted with the progress. If you have any thoughts or feedback along the line, please let me know.