CDWinder is created with Green Energy

Since it is Earth Day today, we thought it would be fitting to bring some eco-friendly news about CDWinder to you. We here with the CDWinder Team are very concerned about our environment, and pretty bothered about the mounting news over the past years. And, even in our work on CDWinder, we are faced with the beauty of our World on a daily basis, when browsing through our massive collection of images from the beautiful places all over our planet.

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Even if it’s only a small contribution, we have decided - already over a year ago - to run our home and business on clean and green energy from our german provider Naturstrom.

They deliver clean energy from 100% renewable sources, mostly wind and water, and are certified with the Grüner Strom Label of the leading environmental organisations BUND and NABU in Germany. We thought it wouldn’t hurt talking about that and spreading the word...