French audio magazine KR Home Studio reviews abeMeda and NeoFinder


"Apart from consumer audio CD managers, there are few high-performance tools dedicated to professional music data."

"It's not uncommon for computer veterans to have preserved thirty to forty years of archives in various forms [...], and exploiting the colossal masses of data generated in this way is no easy task. [...] We need to be able to work with all these archives. And that's exactly what these two software packages enable us to do."

"Getting to grips with the software is intuitive, and the user manual allows you to go into greater depth on the more technical points. A demo version limited to ten catalogs is available on each site. A must try!"

The French magazine for musicians "KR Home Studio" wrote a nice review of NeoFinder and abeMeda in issue 368 of their print magazine.
"The Eye in the Sky - NeoFinder and abeMeda" by Pierre Estève
Make sure to check it out!

(October 3, 2023)