Apple discontinues QuickTime for Windows

Since Apple apparently decided to drop support for QuickTime for Windows completely, and many now urge to deinstall QuickTime from your Windows PC as fast as possible, this is where abeMeda stands on the issue:

In short: While abeMeda uses QuickTime, it runs fine without it, and should not be affected by deinstalling QuickTime.

In more detail: abeMeda is QuickTime aware, and has used QuickTime - if installed - for a long time, to identify and read metadata from several different file formats. It is most involved in MOV/MP4, but also for PSD and GIF files. In none of these cases is it the only available data source, and has been augmented and/or replaced by ffmpeg and XMP by now.
Without QuickTime, you might notice some previews for PSD files, and some metadata for MP4 files missing (where they can't be found via XMP). Wherever that is a problem, we recommend installing the most current version of ffmpeg.
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