Happy Birthday CDWinder !

Ten years ago today, the first version of CDWinder was released.It had been loads of work on weekends and evenings to get it done before christmas, before the end of the year. Back then, CDWinder was a hobby of mine, a project I started with my friend and colleague Norbert Doerner back in 1998 and tried to push forward in my spare time. And it was the first time I had released some piece of software under my own name, on my own website.

A lot has changed since then, with CDWinder and myself - CDWinder has grown and today fuels my life and allows me to be my own boss. And when I open my CDWinder Hall Of Fame today and run that very first version, I’m still amazed at how far we have come, and at how little CDWinder offered back then - yet still found its users. But I guess what I’m most happy about is that this very first version still runs like a charm today on Windows 7 and has no problem with the latest catalogs of its descendants. (you know, Norbert, that cross-platform catalog format we designed back then really was a major leap and a groundbreaker.)

If you want to join me on memory lane, I’ve gathered a number of screenshots that illustrate the development of CDWinder over the years. Or, if you want to participate in the celebration, avail yourself of our ongoing holiday anniversary sale over in our CDWinder Store.

Here’s to the next ten (or twenty ?) Years! Have the merriest of holidays!